If you’re a regular to The Blonde & The Bears I’m sure you will have had or discussed having a toner. A toner is a semi -permanent hair colour which deposits colour and or tone to your hair without lifting it.  Natural looking toners such as a previously super popular ashy toner or a golden blonde tone would last around 6-8 weeks whereas “Fashion colours” such as pink, violet, baby blue – colours with not much pigment will not last 1-4 washes.


As hair stylists if we are using enlightener (or bleach) your hair can lift on different levels, for example a natural light brown to blonde would lift to a white blonde so we would want to add tone to give a polished look in whichever tone would suit you at that time.  If say you had older previously coloured hair your hair may lift quite warm (yellowy blonde) so we would want to neutralise this to achieve a better colour, golden or beige or ashy or the most popular at the moment, creamy blonde.


Traditionally, we would do the toner at the back wash after foils but more recently, due to rooty -lived in blonde trends, we have been seeing our guests coming in between their regular appointments for a top up of toner on their highlights or balayage.

To look after your colour and make the tone last longer use the Aveda Colour Conserve range every time you wash your hair.


Come and see us for a toner in October we have two offers; either Tone and Blow £30 or Tone, Cut and Blow £50.